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Basketball Dribbling Skills

Only 12 Moves You Will Ever Need for Any Play Type

Video from Peter Danyliv

5 Drills You Need if you Got No Handles

Video from Peter Danyliv

Dribble Maneuvers to Learn

Video from Shane Hennen

5 Drills that Will Make Your Handles Elite

Video from Hennen Workouts

elite basketball drills

How to Destroy an Aggressive Defender

Video from Improve Bball

Basic Fundamental Drills

Video from Basket Talks

Create Space Dribbling Drill

Video from Ryan Razooky

4 Change of Speed Handle's Drills

Video from John Hansberry

Learn Basketball by Observing

Learning by watching elite basketball players is a pivotal part of training that can significantly improve your game. This method, often referred to as observational learning or modeling, allows you to understand and emulate the techniques, strategies, and habits of professional athletes. By observing their movements, you can gain insights into key skills such as shooting techniques, defensive moves, dribbling styles, and court positioning. Moreover, watching these professionals can also help you understand the mental aspects of the game, such as decision-making, resilience, and sportsmanship. Studies have shown that observational learning can enhance motor skills and performance in sports, making it a powerful tool in basketball training. It's like having a virtual mentor guide you through the intricate dynamics of the game.


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